About Me
Hello, my name is Wil Druk. I developed this web site to further my hobby with vintage transistor radios.

Radios and my projects
My fascination with radios started at an early age. I was born in 1946, when the transistor was in it's early development stages. By the mid to late 1950's I was able to purchase transistors and equipment to experiment with various projects. As a young boy, I can recall times when the radios and electronics in our house were examined in detail, most of the time taken apart to see how they worked. My experiments sometimes lead to blowing the electrical fuses in our house. We didn't have today's circuit breakers, so I had a ready stash of fuses to replace the blown ones whenever my experiments went amiss. Another memory was from my high school electronics class. Our teacher had each student come up with a class project and I decided to build a stereo amplifier. I thought I would get a head start on the project, so I brought home all the parts. That evening I completely built the amplifier. The next day I proudly showed the finished project to my teacher. Needless to say, he was not impressed. He just looked at me in disgust and said "Now what are you going to do for the rest of the quarter?". I didn't make a lot of points with my excitement in building the amplifier, but I told him I would find another project. I did find another project, a set of walkie talkies. This time I made sure I took plenty of time to complete the new project! By the time I reached college my electronics hobby had turned to computer technology. I spent my next 25 years in the computer industry and retired from Apple Computer in 1996.

The Transistor Radio Network
Now that I've had time to utilized my computer skills, I decided to develop the "Transistor Radio Network" web site to showcase vintage transistor radios. Anyone wishing to showcase their transistor collection may sign up for a gallery account and upload their photos and descriptions of their transistor radio collections. In addition, you'll find information for other transistor radio sites under the links menu above. We plan on continually adding to this web site. If you have ideas on topics you would like to see, please drop us an email. Thank you for visiting the "Transistor Radio Network".